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Summer Camp Charity Cassette


In June of this Summer, Irish emo-indie act Anna’s Anchor released a double sided single entitled “Summer Camp”. The lead track and video instantly became a hit gaining national radio airplay in Ireland and garnishing the attention of big hitter blogs such as Washed Up Emo.

On the reason for releasing a new song so soon after 2016’s debut LP “Nautical Miles”, Ryan stated that “It bridges the gap where I've come from with the debut album, and the direction I'm trying to send Anna's Anchor towards as I finish writing the second album. Summer Camp is largely different from anything I’ve done before in the sense that it has much more of a pop edge to it. It's quite an upbeat, fun summer song but as with anything Anna's Anchor related, there are sad disguised lyrics in there.”


1. Summer Camp
2. You Are A Lighthouse
3. 27 (Title Fight cover)


Blue - /50

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